Backpack distribution is an ongoing year-round project.  What goes into our packs?  Well, that depends on the time of year! Our Fall/Winter bags contain NEW fleece blankets, scarves, gloves, beanies (known as toboggans to the old-timers), toiletry kits & socks. The Spring/Summer packs have new or gently used ball caps, new socks, bug repellent, toiletry kits & rain ponchos. When we're blessed with other items, we gratefully accept them!  Wet wipes, $1 sunglasses, pop-topped can goods, women's hygiene products, first aid kits, large heavy duty garbage bags (used as moisture barriers for those sleeping on the ground but double as rain ponchos in a pinch), chewing gum, etc. are things that are well received by those in need!  You'll find we're not that picky. All we ask is that you don't give us your used socks or undies. Gross!  Encourage your children to help by letting them help select the items you choose!  All we ask is that  you help in some way!!